Soularc Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Last Modified 01/06/2022

Soularc guarantees a 99% network uptime measured every month, starting on the first day and ending on the last of each calendar month. If network uptime is measured below 99%, a discount will be applied to your next bill per the credit chart below.

UptimeDiscount Applied
99% to 100%0%
95.1% to 98.9%10%
90.1% to 95%25%
85.1% to 90%50%
85% or below100%

SLA Terms and Conditions

The maximum amount to be reimbursed may not exceed the total paid in a one-month period.

Scheduled maintenance windows are not eligible for an SLA credit.

SLA credit is applied to the user account for future purchases and is not transferable or exchangeable.

Downtime due to hardware failure or things outside of Soularc’s control are not eligible for an SLA credit.

SLA credit may not be claimed by individuals who are not currently in good standing with payments.

All SLA claims must be made within 7 days of the event causing the request.

All SLA claims must be submitted directly to Soularc via the email

SLA credit may take up to 5 business days to be applied to an account giving us time
to properly investigate the issue and confirm the claim.

SLA claims are deemed invalid if the user is not routing their domain directly to Soularc via Soularc’s nameservers (e.g. by using a CDN or external DNS provider).